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A set of GO RADIANT foundation miniatures


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Quick Overview:

A set of radiant foundations miniatures includes 16 miniatures in an elegant box with a brightening finish. A perfect gift for a loved one.

More details

Annabelle Minerals radiant foundations are most universal Annabelle Minerals products. The formula arrures light and medium coverage and gives the skin a delicate, satiny glow. Because of containing natural mica, it reflects light and optically smoothes out small wrinkles. The skin looks healthy and rested. This is the most universal formula of mineral foundation, which will appeal to both: people with dry and oily skin. The content of zinc oxide regulates the secretion of sebum, and titanium dioxide protects the skin against harmful UV radiation up to 15SPF.

What will you find in the Go Radiant set?

A set of radiant foundations miniatures by Annabelle Minerals includes 16 miniature products in twisted jars:

1. Foundations in the warm, golden-lemon Sunny line created for people with golden, sunny complexions.

2. Foundations in the warm, golden-olive Golden line dedicated to people with golden and subdued olive complexion. This is the most frequently selected colour range.

3. Foundations in a cool, neutral Natural line; great for beige complexion.

4. Foundations in a cool, rose Beige line; for porcelain and delicate rosy skin tones.

Shades in the set are arranged in the following order: Light, Fair, Fairest and Cream. Jars contain about 0.4 grams of product. This is enough for several applications - just right to test the product. We will also send you a mini-catalogue with Annabelle Minerals customers as catalogue stars.

How to use Annabelle Minerals radiant foundations?

Radiant foundations are multifunctional. In addition to the classic application method to compensate the color of the skin, they will also work as a illuminating concealer under the eyes, a delicate highlighter for cheekbones, under the eyebrow, and a brightening addition to the coverage or matte foundations.

Why is this set of miniatures exceptional?

Go Radiant is a great way to begin your adventure with mineral foundations. With its help, you can easily find the perfect shade of Annabelle Minerals foundation. The box is also our contribution to the professional activation of people with disabilities, as it is created in one of the Social Cooperatives.

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