A set of Go Matte formula miniatures

A set of GO MATTE formula miniatures


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Quick Overview:

A set of Annabelle Go Matte formula miniatures includes 16 shades in screw-top containers. The box will introduce you to all the available shades, so you can find a perfect tone for your skin.

More details

Annabelle Minerals mineral foundations in the matting formula were created for oily and problematic skin. They consist of only four mineral ingredients that nurture and mat the skin. Thanks to the increased content of zinc oxide, they help regulate the secretion of sebum and support the process of healing imperfections. You can graduate your cosmetics with grades from delicate to strong.

What will you get in the Go Matte set?

The Go Matte set was created to help you maintain matte skin and lasting make-up. Inside you will find 16 different tones of Annabelle Minerals matte foundations.

1. Sunny, in a warm, yellow-lemon tone, perfect for persons with a golden and very warm complexion.

2. Golden, in a yellow-olive warm tone, the most popular of our tones, created for warm, slightly olive skin.

3. In a cool, Natural neutral foundation range created for women with cool, neutral-beige tone of skin;

4. In a cool, Beige pink range, dedicated to light, slightly pink complexions;

The shades are arranged from the darkest in the following order: Light, Fair, Fairest, Cream.

Each container contains about 0.4 g of the product. This amount is enough to apply the product at least several times, so you can test the product properly.

The box also includes other Annabelle Minerals products catalogue.

What will the make-up do?

The matting formula will ensure your face is matte for a long time and will help fight imperfections. Apply the foundation with a compact synthetic bristle brush, such as flat top or kabuki. Make circular motions from the inside to the outside of the face. Repeat until the coverage is satisfactory.

How is the set of miniatures made?

This set of miniatures was created in cooperation with a Social Cooperative, which for years has been successful in facilitating professional development for persons with disabilities.

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