GET READY concealers miniatures set


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Quick Overview:

A set of mineral concealers that are matching Annabelle Minerals foundations shades. An
elegant matte box contains 16 screw-top containers and a mini-catalogue. The set was
created to test shades and the possibilities of Annabelle Minerals high coverage concealers.

More details

Annabelle Minerals concealers are special tasks products. They were created for covering imperfections. Increased amount of titanium dioxide provides a high degree of coverage, to which nothing is impossible – the concealer is going to help You cover blemishes, capillaries, moles, and even tattoos. An additional portion of zinc oxide gives the cosmetic antibacterial properties. Thanks to this, it supports the healing process of skin changes and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.

What will you find in the Get Ready set?

In the Annabelle Minerals miniature concealer set, you will find 16 mini products in screwed jars. The box contains mineral concealers that are matching Annabelle Minerals foundations shades:

1. Mineral concealers in warm, yellow-lemon Sunny range;
2. Mineral concealers in warm, yellow-olive Golden range;
3. Mineral correctors in a cool, neutral range Natural;
4. Mineral concealers in the cool, pink Beige range.

Shades are arranged in the order: Light, Fair, Fairest and Cream.

It is best to apply concealers with a flat concealer brush, gently pressing it against the skin.How to chose the right mineral concealer shade?
The shade of the Annabelle Minerals mineral concealer should be matched to the shade of the foundation of our brand. It guarantees a perfect combination of products. In order to obtain a natural make-up effect, the mineral concealer should be applied between the first and the second thin layer of the foundation.

How to use Annabelle Minerals mineral concealer?

Annabelle Minerals mineral concealer is a product with antibacterial properties. That is whyit is dedicated to covering imperfections. If you're looking for an under-eye concealer,choose a cosmetic with a satin finish: a radiant foundation in a shade lighter than the basic foundation or a mineral Vanilla shade.

The jars contain about 0.4 of the product.The mineral concealer is used spot on places thatneed additional coverage, that is why it is enough for many applications. A mini catalog isincluded. The set is created at the Social Cooperative, which professionally activates peoplewith disabilities.

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