New Margarita clay eyeshadow

MARGARITA clay eyeshadow


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Quick Overview:

Annabelle Minerals clay eyeshadow in dusty, cool pink marsala shade.

More details

Marsala is a color of many faces. It appears in dusty, cool pink in Annabelle Minerals clay eyeshadows palette. Using Margarita eyeshadow, you'll create a sophisticated and tasteful look. Margarita will work as both an accent and a dominant makeup color. Dusty pink will appeal to people with a cool type of beauty, such as summer and winter. The shade has an elegant, matte finish. It optically smoothes the eyelid and gives expression to the look. The high content of white and green clay cares for the skin.

How to mix eye shadows?

Margarita beautifully blends with other Annabelle Minerals eyeshadows such as: Platinum, Frappe, Smoothie or Americano. Combine two or three colors on your eyelid for a multi-dimensional effect. Apply a light shade, e.g. Vanilla, over the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow, to illuminate the eye. Apply the darker shade, e.g. Americano, in the crease, blending thoroughly. Drag it all the way to the lower eyelid. Put Margarita on the eyelid, blend it thoroughly with Americano. Illuminate the inner corner of your eye with an additional portion of Vanilla shade. Such makeup is simple to make and gives eyes expression.

The shade is packed in a jar with a 3 g strainer.

Ingredients: Mica, Illite, Kaolin, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI77891

How to apply the eyeshadow?

Annabelle Minerals eyeshadows are best applied with a brush, choosing the right shape for the effect we want to achieve.
In the Makeup accessories tab you will find the best brushes, thanks to which you will be able to freely combine colors and work out the desired effect.
1. Before eye makeup, apply a thin layer of mineral foundation on your eyelids - thanks to this, the make-up will last longer and will not flake off.
2. Then pick the shadow with a brush, pressing it on the surface of the cosmetic.
3. Wipe off any excess shade on the edge of the jar to avoid sprinkling around the eye.
4. Apply the eyeshadow, starting from the outer corner of the eye.
5. If the obtained effect is too subtle for you, repeat the action, while shading the intensity of the color.

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