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Quick Overview:

Annabelle Minerals clay shadow in a cool shade of medium brown.

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The Annabelle Minerals brand has created a line of ultra-light eyeshadows based on cosmetic clays. Natural ingredients and subtle nude finish give your everyday make up this extra something. The eyeshadows are easy to apply and blend together, they do not fall out. Soft Cocktail eyeshadows formula was created for the most sensitive of eyes. Americano is a cool, subdued brown with a matte finish. Clay and mica created a vibrant makeup effect. The product smooths the eyelid and provides the skin with minerals. Americano suits every type of beauty.

How do you apply the Americano eyeshadow?

1. The eyeshadow can be applied to the entire eyelid, gently spreading it towards the top until the edges are completely blended. Cool brown eyeshadows are especially flattering for blue and dark brown eyes.

2. Use Americano to deepen the eye crease. Apply it with a fluffy brush to mix shades, blend it thoroughly towards the top to get diffused colour. Use the eyeshadow remaining on the brush to highlight the lower lid.

3. Americano will also work well as a brow enhancing product. Apply it with a precise eyeliner brush to define brow shape.

The product is sold in a 3 g jar.

INCI: Kaolin, Mica, CI77491, CI77891

How to apply eyeshadows?

Select an appropriate Annabelle Minerals eyeshadow brush for desired effects.

Find the best makeup brushes to mix and blend different shades for different effects in the Makeup accessories tab.

1. Before starting making up your eyes, apply a thin layer of mineral foundation to lock the look, avoid separation of ingredients or rubbing off.

2. Then pick up some eyeshadow with a brush, gently pressing it against the top layer of the product.

3. Shake off excess product against the edge of the jar to avoid leaving dust around the eyes.

4. Apply eyeshadow on the eyelid starting from the outer corner of the eye.

5. If the impact is not dramatic enough, repeat the whole process to obtain a more intense look.

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