New Róż mineralny LILY GLOW

LILY GLOW mineral blush


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Quick Overview:

LILY GLOW illuminating mineral blush in a classic lilac-rose shade.

More details

Discover a new dimension of Annabelle Minerals mineral blush. Bet on a glamorous glow that will highlight your cheekbones and give your skin freshness. Lily Glow is a sophisticated shade of lilac-rose. Works in both: everyday and evening makeup. Intense illumination will optically sculpt your cheeks and add them a fabulous glow. The classic, cool pink shade is extremely versatile. We recommend it especially to people with light complexions and those who like the effect of a delicate blush. You can freely step the color intensity.

The use of mineral lily Lily Glow

Illuminating mineral blush can be used solo for cheekbones, in trio with bronzer and highlighter or as a shimmering eye shadow.

What is the composition of the illuminating blush?

We enriched our basic minerals with:
- sunflower seed oil with regenerating and emollient properties;
- jojoba oil, preventing water loss from the epidermis, helps maintain skin firmness and flexibility;
- vitamin E, which neutralizes free radicals, delays skin aging processes, also has nutritional, regenerating and moisturizing and oiling properties.

Thanks to the combination of minerals and oils, a unique cosmetic was created, the use of which is pure pleasure, and the illuminating effect will add freshness to even tired and dull skin.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, CI 77491

What to apply mineral blush with?

You can apply the illuminating mineral blush with an angled blush brush. Thanks to the cut bristles, it quickly and precisely applies blush to the cheekbone.

How to apply mineral blush?

Annabelle Minerals blushes are best applied with a specially designed angled brush. It will help you get precise lines, without spots or discoloration.
We apply blush in moderation. In everyday makeup, blush can be stronger to get the effect of a fresh and relaxed complexion. In an evening out makeup, to obtain a delicate and natural effect, after applying blush, you can apply another thin layer of foundation. Apply blush at the end of makeup.
1. Pick up the blush with a brush, pressing it gently against the surface of the cosmetic;
2. Wipe off the excess of the blush;
3. Apply blush to cheekbones, starting from the temples.;
4. Blend the contours to make the makeup look natural;
5. If the effect obtained is too subtle for you, repeat the action.

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