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Annabelle Minerals clay eyeshadow in a cool shade of subtle purple.

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Annabelle Minerals created a line of 10 day makeup eyeshadows in nude. Soft Cocktail line consists of products based on natural beauty clays. We have developed the eyeshadow formula with sensitive eyes and contact lens users in mind. White clay nourishes the sensitive area around the eyes. Milkshake is a shade evoking an image of a forest fruits drink. It is a delicate, cool purple with a touch of white. The shade has a matte finish. Summer/winter skin undertone perfect day makeup look. Works well in contrast with blue, green and hazel eyes.

How to mix eyeshadows?

The silky consistency of clay Annabelle Minerals eyeshadows makes them easy to apply and blend, they do not roll or fall out during the day. All you need is the right brush to mix eyeshadows for the colour blending effect.

INCI: Kaolin, Mica, CI77491, CI77891

What to apply eyeshadow with?

Select an appropriate Annabelle Minerals eyeshadow brush for desired effects.

Find the best makeup brushes to mix and blend different shades for different effects in the Makeup accessories tab.

1. Before starting making up your eyes, apply a thin layer of mineral foundation to lock the look, avoid separation of ingredients or rubbing off.

2. Then pick up some eyeshadow with a brush gently pressing it against the top layer of the product.

3. Shake off excess product against the edge of the jar to avoid leaving dust around the eyes.

4. Apply eyeshadow on the eyelid starting from the outer corner of the eye.

5. If the impact is not dramatic enough, repeat the whole process to obtain a more intense look.

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Delikatny, wspaniałe łączy się ze skórą. Idealny dla chłodniejszego typu urody. To mój pierwszy cień Annabelle i pierwszy od dawna, który nie wywołuje reakcji alergicznej. Jestem zachwycona. Szkoda, że nie jest dostępny w mniejszych ilościach i w zestawach np. 3 odcieni.

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Annabelle Minerals clay eyeshadow in a cool shade of subtle purple.

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