• Radiant

    Gentle formula and radiant complexion made possible thanks to reflective mica powder. Our illuminating formula will smoothen wrinkles, give the skin a healthy glow and even out any discolorations. It can also be used as a highlighter on any part of the body and as an illuminating concealer for under-the-eye shadows.

  • Matte

    Our matting formula is effective and durable for fighting skin problems. You can grade the matte effect yourself, from medium to full. It hides skin imperfections, stops bacteria and regulates sebum secretion. The increased content of zinc oxide helps in the treatment of acne.

  • Coverage

    Forget about clogged pores, foundation preventing your skin form breathing, poor discoloration coverage or the mask effect. Annabelle Minerals coverage mineral foundation, due to increased amount of titanium dioxide, ensures effective concealment of discolorations, redness and skin imperfections. The formula provides full coverage and is also suited for women with dry complexion.


Annabelle Minerals foundations combine make-up and skin care. No ingredient got in there by chance! Mica is for illumination, zinc oxide for matting and treatment of minor blemishes, titanium dioxide for good coverage and sun protection, while iron oxides are for the color. And that's all! Annabelle Minerals contain only four ingredients, which will allow you to achieve the amazing effect of a natural-looking makeup, without parabens, talc, preservatives and other substances that can irritate your delicate skin.


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