• beige shades

    Beige shades were created for women with a cool skin tone, which complexion has pink undertones. Light beige complexion usually goes together with cool blond hair or gray brown hair. Beige complexion in darker shade is dominated by beige tones, without warm undertones and usually goes with dark brown or black hair.

  • natural shades

    Natural shades created for women with a neutral skin tone, which complexion isn’t dominated with yellow or pink tones. Warm and cool notes are balanced so skin has toned beige color. Also hair and eyes color do not allow qualifying this type unambiguously. 

  • golden shades

    Golden shades were created for women with warm skin type, which complexion has yellow tones with olive note. This type’s tan has golden color and golden tones are also visible in hair reflections from honey blond to chocolate brown. 

  • sunny shades

    Sunny shades were created for women with Slavic skin type. There are lots of sunny tons with lemon-yellow notes in their complexion. They fit either to porcelain skin or gold tan and to light, warm blond hair.


Our matting formula is effective and durable for fighting skin problems. You can grade the matte effect yourself, from medium to full. It hides skin imperfections, stops bacteria and regulates sebum secretion. The increased content of zinc oxide helps in the treatment of acne.

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